Kaffe Fassett

From the facebook page of Kaffe Fassett Collective posted December 2020

For a couple of years the Kaffe Collective printed designs were made with 60 count fabric which feels thicker and heavier than the 68 count fabric which is what we have now. There are differences of opinion on which is preferable but we prefer the higher count fabric which is silky, smooth, and drapes beautifully. We feel the print quality is better, the color saturation is better, and it is much nicer to use for applique, hand quilting and English Paper Piecing. We started with 68s which was the standard for high quality quilt fabric in the early 1990s. As more people became interested in machine quilting (as opposed to hand) many companies switched to the heavier 60s and we did, too for a very short time. We asked to be changed back to our original count because of our personal preferences. In any case, it is perfectly fine to mix the Shots, Woven Stripes and the 60s and the 68s in one quilt. After all, the tradition of making patchwork is one of "make-do" using all types of fabrics to make "glorious" quilts.

Fabric Fixation

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