How to Order

Please Note: we do sell fabric by the metre but due to website limitations we cant have a separate order function for Fat Quarters and Metres, and we dont want to sell in 1 metre pieces only. Therefore when ordering, each unit in Quantity is equal to 25cm. 

  • All fabric is cut to order off the bolt. 

  • Each unit in Quantity is equal to 25cm. 

  • Fabric is priced per Fat Quarter (FQ - 50cm x 56cm) and unless stated otherwise

  • We sell fabric in FQs and metreage (we do not cut all our fabric in to FQ's). 

  • All quantities over 1 FQ will be cut as one piece (ie 3 = a 75cm piece).**

For 1 FQ (50cm x 56cm) Quantity = 1

For 1/4 metre (25cm x 112cm) Quantity = 1 and leave a note at checkout stating this is what you would like or we assume you want 1 FQ

For 1/2 metre (50cm x 112cm) Quantity = 2

For 3/4 metre (75cm x 112cm) Quantity = 3

For 1 metre (100cm x 112cm) Quantity = 4

For 1.5 metres (150cm x 112cm) Quantity = 6

For 2 metres (200cm x 112cm) Quantity = 8

For 3 metres (300cm x 112cm) Quantity = 12 



**All quantities over 1 FQ will be cut as one piece.

**Unless it is at the end of the Bolt, then you will receive what we have to fulfill that amount ie Quantity 5- 1.25m - could be 1 metre + 1 FQ , if it must be one piece then please note at checkout. 

All Fabric is 100% Woven Quilting Cotton  110 - 112cm wide (WoF)- unless stated otherwise.


If you are unsure or dont understand this information please contact us via this website or facebook, we are only too happy to help.