Gift Vouchers

Terms and Conditions

Gift Vouchers in a few denominations, however you can choose the amount you like;

$30 - add one $20 and one $10 

$70 - add one $50 and one $20 

If you have chosen multiple denominations of vouchers, please advise if this is for a total amount or going to seperate people.

At checkout leave a note if you would like it to be sent to another person, with their details, otherwise it will be sent to you to complete the details (to and from).

The Voucher is as pictured on the main gallery page, and comes in a plain white envelope. 

The Voucher will have a unique code and an expiry date of 1 year/ 12 months from date of issue* 

The Voucher can be used multiple times until the value of the voucher is spent. 

If the Voucher is lost/misplaced prior to being spent, please contact us and we can provide you with the Unique code again.

If you think the Voucher has been stolen, please advise immediately and we can cancel the Unique code and provide you with another of the balance remaining. 

*if voucher is passed the expiry date by a short time, please contact us and we may still redeem this for you.