The website is OPEN. Fabric Fixation will be on holiday from 14 December and reopening 02 January. The website will still be open but orders will be processed 03 January. Therefore if you have any last minute fabric requirements you have until 13 December to place your order :) reminder that couriers could take a day or two longer at this time of year too

Fabric Sizing

Sold per Fat Quarter (FQ) (50cm x 56cm) unless stated otherwise

For 1/2 metre (50cm x 112cm) purchase 2

For 3/4 metre (75cm x 112cm) purchase 3

For 1 metre (100cm x 112cm) purchase 4

For 1.5 metres (150cm x 112cm) purchase 6

For 2 metres (200cm x 112cm) purchase 8


All quantities over 1 FQ will be left uncut

3 FQ will be sent as 75cm continious piece, unless end of stock where there is only 1 x 1/2m & 1FQ left

5 will be sent as 1.25m etc

If your require a specific length please email us as we will cut to any length providing there is enough fabric on the bolt.

100% Cotton fabric - unless stated otherwise